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Barefoot Heartsong


Heidi Wyldewood

ReMembering               EmPowering               TransForming


embracing the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  

walking the wild, wise way


Mentoring, healing and education for women - teachings born of indigenous shamanic practice, earth magick and womb wisdom traditions

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This nine month journey takes you through the life arch of woman, during which we will create a Medicine Bundle of stones that hold the energy of ten Rites of Passage.  


Over the course of five weekends we will use ritual, craft, talking circles, shamanic practice and womb wisdom to explore the feminine spiral and self initiate as we connect to the sacred path from birth to death, the incarnating into matter and returning to spirit. This deep exploration teaches the link between all life cycles, including the passing of the seasons, the menstrual cycle, the journey of the elements and the senses.


As you embody each Rite of Passage,  you will develop your inner wise woman, grow your intuition and deepen your self gnosis. you will also learn how to be a Wayshower for other women, and how to create and lead ceremony.  You will be able to access the energy stored in your stones to convey healing, blessing and awakening, and the entire stone medicine bundle will be one of a power, a complete altar dedicated to the feminine life spiral.


This journey is a spiral of personal unfolding, reclaiming  and self-knowing for all women.  It is a nine month rebirth process, of healing, empowerment and transformation. It will change your life. It is also an ideal undertaking for those on a menopausal journey as it reframes and reclaims much of life lived so far and restores a potent sense of self. Whilst two of the stones in the bundle are very much linked to the menstrual cycle, the course is open to women for whom this has never been a part of their life as well. These initiatory and pivotal life stages unfold in many ways, and most are accessible to all women.


Women who wish to hold Rites of Passages in women's circles or Red Tents, will be fully empowered to do so at the end of our time together and have ceremony outlines and a manual to use for all time. They will also have embodied the energy of each stone to be able to make a transference of energy during any Rites of Passage they hold, meaning their ceremonies will be impactive and healing for both the individual and community.



The course outline is as follows: 



April 4th and 5th - The Stone of Arrival and The Stone of Flower Crown

May 16th and 17th - The Stone of First Blood and The Stone of Sacred Union

July 4th and 5th - The Stone of the Blessed Opening and The Stone of Peaceful Closing

October 10th and 11th - The Stone of Sacred Separation and The Stone of Wise Blood

December 12th and 13th - The Stone of Silver Crown and The Stone of Return



Each weekend will be held at Heidi's home near the New Forest.  Prefering to teach in a traditional wise woman way in small groups and in the landscape, some of the work and ceremony will take place in the wilder patches around Heidi's home. Please contact her for more details of the each weekend, the course outline, and to book. There are only six spaces available for 2020.



The investment for the course is £750.  There are two payment options. In full or part payments. Both of these options are to be fullfilled by bank transfer.


For part payments the deposit of £200 to be paid by the end of March, and five further payments of £110 to be paid by the end of April, May, June, July and August.


If you wish to pay via PayPal, then the amount will be adjusted further to cover the fees.



Students take responsibility for their own health and well being for the duration of this course, commiting to personal growth, empowerment and transformation.  A small amount of time will need to be set aside for journalling, crafting or contemplation at home in between our time together on the weekends.  For any participant missing course days they will be expected to catch up by booking one to one sessions or day with Heidi at a cost of £75 per stone, inorder to continue the course.


During the nine months particpants will have a 25% discount on skype mentoring - April to December inclusive.


Students have the opportunity to continue to the Wise Women and the Art of Ceremonial Healing upon completion of this course.




















Students from the 2018 course - The Stone of Flower Crown and the Stone of Wise Blood









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"Heidi’s depth of knowledge and passion for all aspects of women’s work is inspirational, yet also made accessible for all those she seeks to support. The confidence I now have in my ability to hold a safe, inspiring and sacred space for women and girls has been increased hugely by Heidi’s care and belief in me. She is a phenomenal teacher and guide, I feel very fortunate to have benefitted from her support."

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