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Barefoot Heartsong


Heidi Wyldewood

ReMembering               EmPowering               TransForming


embracing the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  

walking the wild, wise way


Mentoring, healing and education for women - teachings born of indigenous shamanic practice, earth magick and womb wisdom traditions

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Join Heidi Wyldewood and Lou Hayden as they follow the tradition of priestesses keeping vigil over a Sacred Flame, the flame of Brighid.  Take a sacred journey with her, alongside a circle of sisters, learning some of her history, her symbols, songs and wisdom.


This self led course for women will deliver to your inbox throughout the days of vigil, inspiring you with meditations, songs, prayers, writing and self inquiry prompts, and crafting in a mixed media format.  You will also be guided though the Fire and Water of the Three Cauldrons for personal insight, transformation and awakening.  


This course also contains two energetic transmissions, one at each end of the course.  The first one "Following in Her Footsteps" is linked to Kildare, where Brighid's Flame still burns, and the second one "I AM the Flame" is linked to the sacred Isle of Iona, where some of her priestesses  are said to have been trained.  Both transmissions are channelled by Heidi directly from the sacred feminine in her aspect as Brighid.


Join us as we honour and celebrate her triple aspects as Goddess of Blacksmiths, Healers and Bards.  Let us bear witness to the staying power of her sacred prescence in our psyche and hearts as she transforms from Ancient Goddess of the Celtic Lands to a much loved Saint.  Let us welcome in the Maiden and the springtime, and connect deeply to the Divine Feminine within and without.  Does she call to you to tend her Flame?


The course structure is as follows:


Day 1 - Keepers of the Flame

Creating the Sacred Space as Keeper of the Flame

Lighting the Flame

Following in her Footsteps


Days 2 to 4 - The Vigil

Asking for Blessing and Keeping Vigil

Becoming the Container

Brighid's Cross


Days 5 - 8 - The Forge

Cauldron of Warming

The Sacred Smithy

Stoking the Fire

Fire Blessings and Gifts


Days 9 - 13 The Well and the Hearth

Cauldron of Motion

Heart Chalice

Sacred Waters

Healing the Water

Tending the Hearth


Days 14 to 17 - Fire in the Head

Cauldron of Wisdom

Wandering Aengus



Days 18 - 19 - Stirring the Cauldrons

Three Become One


The Future Flame


Day 20 – Blessed of Brighid

Becoming the Flame




Course runs from January 31st till February 20th - registration closes on 30th January


Please choose the cost that resonates for you:


      £95 full price

      £80 early bird paid before 10th January


**You will be taken to the Keepers of the Flame signup after checkout and sent your

introductory welcome email shortly.**  


As new feature of the course this year, participants will be invited to join a private Facebook

Group to share their own insights, artwork, poems and altar photos until the end of February.  

In the group you will have access to live video updates and creative prompts.

Course registration is now

closed for 2018

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