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The Brighid Path


Heidi Wyldewood

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The Brighid Path is a system of soul crafting as guided by Cosmic Brighid, channelled and visioned by Heidi Wyldewood.  Brighid has been seen and felt by many as goddess and saint througout the ages. Old ways and new ways now merge to create a modern and fitting approach to this primal and most ancient Sacred Feminine force.


Having been aligned in connection to Brighid for more than ten years prior, Heidi began to recieve communication several months before, and it was the urging guidance for, her first overland pilgrimage in Brighid's name in January and February 2017. During the pilgrimage visions, channellings and new understandings began to happen, and continue till this day.


European indigenous teachings have been passed down mostly via oral tradition, story and song. The Celtic tradition eminates mainly from the lands of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, but pre-celtic traces also extend into Europe. Even though much was lost, much has been re-membered and many are finding their way back and also their way forward. The Brighid Path is one such way. It enables us to re-connect strongly to the Land and the Sacred; to work with shadow and soul; to heal and transform; to realise our personal Sovereignty in service to Life; and to anchor in a new matrix as we Shift in these changing times.


The Brighid Path teachings and the Brighid Path Essences go hand in hand. The essences

support the individual journey of transformation and unfolding. The essences also stand

alone in their use for healing and profound change, being a catalyst for inner pathways to

open and deep experiential understandings to occur.


Heidi is currently putting these last few years of Brighid Path communications in to

accessible formats. They are being added to this page slowly. The original "Keepers of

the Flame" course is being updated as an introductory course, and a Brighid Path Essence

Practitioner Training is in the offing.  


Those who followed Heidi and Lou on the original pilgrimage stay connected via the Facebook Group "Keepers of the Flame - The Pilgrimage".  Many more join the group each year to share their love of Brighid in their own way, and some to do the twenty day vigil each year offered by Heidi. You are welcome to join.  You can also support Heidi's ongoing land and water healing work, and her writing and illustrating the Brighid Path teachings, via her Patreon page.











Swan and Dragon Labyrinth - June 2020

Midsummer and New Moon Meditation and Transmission


Meditation Audio

Vision Board Template PDF Download













Lift Up Her Light - Imbolc Eve Ritual 31st January 2020


During the Autumn of 2019 a new song chant emerged "Sing Her Name" as part of an ongoing earthworking that has spanned more than two years in Britain.  The song is given for the Imbolc Eve Ritual, and to be used to continue the healing in Britain thereafter. A new invocation "The I Am of Brighid" is also on the accompanying pdf and audio. As well as honouring Brighid in all her forms on the eve of Her Vigil Days, the additional intention for this ritual is to help the national psyche of Britain re-member, to put back together, in a form of soul retrieval, itself. This re-membering will restore the connections to the spiritual roots, to its ancient Divine Mother, severed by the Roman Conquest woundings. This uprooting from the sacred in this way caused so much damage spiritually that the eventual rampage and revenge of a wounded nation had long term devastating global impact. It is time to "sound the soul song".


As with all soul songs the vibration carries not only the reminding of how bright the soul shines and its true life path, but the asking for forgiveness if it has lost its way and caused harm, and the forgiving itself. This song is intended to heal the psyche and bring a nation home to its wise, spiritually connected and humble roots. It's time to bring it back to the small and the sacred, and invite it to find pride in the land itself, to remember its true part in planetary service, and to remember whose name it carries in the great unfolding.


Just one of the anchored threads for this event is for Albion to indeed know it is a green and pleasant land, but that the Emerald Isle shines most brightly. In the Lifting Up of Her Light, we acknowledge  the source and sanctuary of the Cosmic Brighid ray as it beams down into the planet and radiates outward from Ireland.


Please feel free to use the ritual on Imbolc Eve and many times after. The pdf and audio downloads are available. Credit if you share please.



Sing Her Name


Brit (Brit)   Britaine (Brit ay n)   Britannia (Brit annia)

Brigantia (Brig ant ya)   Brigid (Brij id)   Brig (Brigg)

Brighid (Brigg id)

Brid (Bri id)

Breed (Br eee d)





Remember. Return. Rejoice.



The Vigil Days of Brighid - 1st to 20th February


2020 - During the twenty vigil days sacred to Brighid, this year Heidi offered the Triple Flame and Three Spheres meditation visualisation in a step by step daily instruction. The visualisation builds each day upon the previous.  Click here to access the meditation images and instructions



2019 - During the Sacred Days in 2019 Heidi offered a short enegetic transmission of each of the Brighid Path Essences, via a photo, some of the original transcript wording and a question for personal enquiry.  She visited twenty bodies of water in twenty days for her personal vigil and part of this offering. The photos are of these places and visits. Click here to use these prompts for your vigil in subsequent years or for a twenty day practice. 



Keepers of the Flame: An Introduction to the Brighid Path


Online course coming soon. This course will contain some of the original "Keepers of the Flame" course as well as new Brighid Path ideas and meditations.

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