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ReMembering               EmPowering               TransForming


embracing the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  

walking the wild, wise way


Mentoring, healing and education for women - teachings born of indigenous shamanic practice, earth magick and womb wisdom traditions

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Healing is becoming whole.  It can look like re-membering, the gathering of broken parts and a rebuilding.  Sometimes it is releasing and letting go.  Often it is finding new ways out of old ways.  Many times it is facing our fears and our shadow, and finding peace in acceptance and self-love.  Heidi believes that everyone is their own healer, and that each of us can call in what we instinctively need.  We should be the driving force behind what our healing process looks like and makes use of.  That can include asking for the guidance, wisdom and speciality work from others.  Heidi can even help you to gain clarity on the right approach, visioning your healing needs and route back to wholeness.


The healing work that Heidi offers is a partnership with your goals in mind.  She expects clients to do the work and invest time in themselves at home.  Often there are self care practices suggested at the end of a session for a client to do in their own time and space, in order to fully benefit from and integrate any healing or mentoring sessions.    


Heidi has a variety of healing modalities in her virtual toolkit, including colour healing, energy healing, shamanic practices, somatic sensing, bodywork, breath work, visualisation and journey work.  She intuitively tailors each session to the needs of the client. She can help with energetic blockages and boosting energy flow, mental and emotional dis-ease, realeasing the negative impact of previous experiences, past life work, ancestral and karmic threads, power and soul loss, cord cutting, trauma residue, removal of intrusions, reconnecting to spirit, anchoring and incarnation work.  Heidi can also create and guide individual ceremony and ritual to define beginnings, endings, and life stages for healing purposes.  The client remains fully clothed for all healing work, apart from reflexology, in which case socks off.


See below for some examples as a time guide and the cost of your investment in self.




Shamanic, Energy or Colour Healing - 1 to 1.5 hrs  


Chakra Flow or Three Cauldron  top ups - 30 mins


Reflexology with energy healing - 1.5 to 2 hrs


Shamanic Healing such as past life work, power or soul retrieval - 1.5 to 2.5hrs


Female Soul Patterning Healing - 1.5hrs


Womb Blessing with Womb Healing - 1.5hrs





Shamanic Healing

Working with spirit allies and the forces of nature, communing between the worlds and accessing non-ordinary reality for insight and healing, based on the belief that much of our physical, mental and emotional dis-ease is based in spiritual imbalance or non-alignment.  There is a meeting ground between shamanism and psychology in the three worlds and the layers of consciousness.  Shamanic practice has stood the test of time,  being humankind's primary healing modality for thousands of years.


Womb Blessing Energy

Please see the Moon Mother page for a full descritpion of the Womb Blessing, Womb Healing and Female Soul Patterning Healing


Colour Healing

Colour has been used down through the ages by many cultures to effect change within the body, mind and spirit. In more recent years the physiological affects of colour have been well documented. Acting as a channel and focus for universal energy or life force, (prana in Sanskrit, Ki in Japanese and Chi in Chinese) the giver can then pass on this energy as differnent rays or frequencies to each area of the clothed body through the hands. Colour healing includes a consultation and a reading of the physical, metabolic, emotional, mental and spiritual layers, and a systematic working through the whole body and organs, bringing them back towards balance and vitality.  


Energy Healing

If a client asks for a general energy healing then Heidi intuitively works in similar way to a reiki or colour healing session, but with a variety of different healing energies, including colour, angelic, goddess, magical awakening and archetype frequencies.



Reflexology is a therapeutic foot or hand massage that dates as far back as Ancient Egypt and China.  It activates the body’s own healing powers via the energy zones that run from the feet up.  A compression technique is used to find and remove imbalances within the body.  Reflexology is an excellent preventative therapy and can help the body to restore its own natural state of health and harmony.  It is deeply relaxing, boosts the immune system and improves digestive, circulatory, respiratory, muscular and nervous functions.  It is also effective with skeletal problems and pain management.  It is an ideal treatment to have throughout pregnancy after the first trimester.Refelxology also offers excellent support to other forms of treatment or healing. Heidi only offers refelxology as a support to other treatments, or as part of packages or block bookings.  To include refelxology in your session please add on approx 1 hour to the session time.






A full consultation is taken before any treatment is given.  Please fill out the form when making your initial booking as part of the first consutlation.  Doing this online cuts down on the the time needed for the initial consultation and your costs.  The questions are also designed to get you thinking about the state of your complete health: mind, body and spirit.  They will also help you consider what you really want and to prioritise your needs. Ongoing consultations are included as part of the treatments


£25 for 30 mins

£40 for 1 hour

£60 for 1.5 hours

£80 for 2 hours


To enquire or book

Phone / Text 07757 058512

Email heidi@barefoot-heartsong.com


All treatments cancelled by the client within 24hrs will be fully charged.  Heidi reserves the right to cancel treatments and will offer a 10%  discount on a subsequent booking only if cancelling with less than 24hrs notice

Discounts available for block bookings of 3 sessions or more

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