Barefoot Heartsong


Heidi Wyldewood

ReMembering               EmPowering               TransForming


embracing the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  

walking the wild, wise way


Mentoring, healing and education for women - teachings born of indigenous shamanic practice, earth magick and womb wisdom traditions

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Heidi Wyldewood

Heidi Wyldewood is Barefoot Heartsong. Heidi is facilitator of healing journeys, mentor, priestess, cunning woman, walker between the worlds and a sacred activist.  She is a keeper and creatrix of wild medicine and womb wisdom traditions, living life from the heart, often with the soles of her bare feet on Mother Earth.  Her main areas of interest, training and understanding, which she weaves into her sharings, are Goddess traditions; womb wisdom, both ancient and new; Toltec, Inkan and Celtic shamanism; symbolism within fairy tale, myth and folk lore; Earth Magick; yogic philosophy; mysticism, female empowerment and sacred sexuality.


Heidi’s personal path is one that has evolved, over many years, not only from the combined teachings, practices and initiations she has received from magickal, shamanic and yogic traditions, but mostly borne of her connection to the Land and place, from deep intuitive listening and channelled information. Having brought it all home, rooted herself in her indigenous source, she practices and teaches from that space: the currents, tides and shifts of human evolution, and the whispers of nature and spirit in the here and now.  It is a path of both embodiment and transcendence.  It is one of embracing both the light and the shade.  She has sat at the feet of some excellent and well renowned teachers, and continues to do so.  She also recieves much guidance from the inner planes and brings it forth in practical application in her own life and for others.


Heidi is passionate about the personal journey of empowerment and transformation that is, for each of us, ours alone to take, and the subsequent positive effect to the wider community.  She truly believes that each individual is their own healer and sometimes all it takes is intuitive guidance, the passing on of wisdom, sometimes a little assistance at an energetic or a soul level, and encouragement from another to facilitate that process.   The tools she offers via her healing work and her teachings are those that she has personally used to completely change her own life and these have enabled her to not just survive some huge trials and personal difficulties, but to come out thriving.   The processes she offers encourage self acceptance and personal enquiry at a deep level.  She is adept at creating sacred spaces and holding those spaces for individuals and groups to experience profound realisations and shifts, seeing them leap forward in their own unique metamorphosis.


Heidi is empathic about the variety of circumstances people find themselves in, and the many difficulties that are experienced because of the imbalance between the masculine and feminine energy in the world today.   Her own story has seen her come out the stronger and wiser from her past: childhood familial dysfunction, experiencing extreme religious intolerance, eating disorders, depression, addictions, homelessness, poverty, abusive relationships; and in more recent years single motherhood and the devastating loss of her daughter.  The guidance she offers is therefore empowered, warm hearted, and always both practical and spiritual.  






Heidi feels blessed to have sat in circle with some truly great women, womb shamans, visionaries and leaders.  She continues to invest in her professional learning and personal evolution. She has also gained much via one off workshops, online courses and recordings; energy attunements or transmissions.  Some of her more public or primary teachers and courses are listed below:


Miranda Gray - Moon Mother Level Three - 2019

Caitlin Matthews - Celtic Visions: Seership, Omens and Divination from Nature - 2018

Alexandra Wilson - Griefwork and Ritual, Song, Sound and Silence at the Threshold - 2017

Mirabai Starr - Advanced Immersion - Way of the Feminine Mystic - 2016-2017

Shakti Malan - Sacred Sexuality

Seren and Azra Bertrand, Fountain of Life - Underworld Descent, Magdalen Vision Quest and other awakenings

Miranda Gray - Moon Mother Level Two and Moon Mother Advanced Menstrual Mentoring - 2014

Debbie Avani, Avani Yoga - Yoga Alliance Professionals 250hr+ Teacher Training Course - 2014

Eliana Harvey, Shamanka, Traditional School of Women’s Shamanism - women’s womb wisdom and other shamanic teachings - 2013

Miranda Gray - Moon Mother Level One - 2012

Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Journeying

Heather Heaton, Master Shamanic Practitioner - Native American, Inkan and Celtic shamanics, dragon energy work, Merlin pathwalking - one to one 2008-2013

Pauline Wills, Olivia Dewhurst-Maddox and Patricia Jackson of the Oracle School of Colour - esoteric wisdom; colour and sound healing; spiritual counselling - 2003-2004

James Phillip, Celestial Earth - Magical Awakening, a Celtic shamanic healing system

Helen McGuinness and Pamela Trodd - Anatomy, Physiology, Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology ICHT - 2002


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Heidi is the creator of the Brighid Path Essences and the system of healing and soul crafting which emerged via the transmissions; founded the New Forest and Southampton Red Tent in 2013; was the UK Coordinator for registered Moon Mothers and the Worldwide Womb Blessing between 2014 and 2020; and currently curates the Brigid's Way Celtic Pilgrimage Instagram and Facebook pages as one of the committee members. 

Heidi is the author of the Red Thread Journal, a unique menstrual charting system, and has also contributed to the following publications: 

  • Moon Mná Diary-Journal 2020 by Dr Karen Ward and Bernie Sexton

  • Voices From The Grove - Volume Two by Yuri Leitch


Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and sign up to her mailing list to stay up to date with the latest events and workshops.

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