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Thank you for your patience

Please email with any enquiries or contact via Instagram - Heidi Wyldewood

"Heidi is a beautiful soul with so much wisdom and insights to share!"


"In a world of pseudo-gurus Heidi is the real thing - down to earth, honest, human and caring. Highly recommend working with her and attending her wonderful events!"


"I have flown across the world to spend time with Heidi and benefit from her wisdom and skills"


"A very powerful workshop, I would highly recommend it"

"Heidi’s depth of knowledge and passion for all aspects of women’s work is inspirational, yet also made accessible for all those she seeks to support. The confidence I now have in my ability to hold a safe, inspiring and sacred space for women and girls has been increased hugely by Heidi’s care and belief in me. She is a phenomenal teacher and guide, I feel very fortunate to have benefitted from her support." 

"the moon lodge this evening was such a blessing"


"life changing"


"This past year of following the Brighid Path course and the daily use of the essences has helped to bring great positive change to my life. Though such change was sometimes unsettling, Heidi’s insight and advice, coupled with the wise and abundant resources she provides to course members, meant that I have always felt supported and encouraged. 
This course can do more than simply teach you about the Goddess; it can bring you closer to your soul’s purpose and show you much about yourself as you walk the Brighid Path."


"Heidi has worked with me both on my own personal journey and with my nonprofit business.

She has a unique ability to tap into hidden causes for problems, almost instantly, and the work she has done with us has had a positive effect - usually very swiftly, too!

It is hard to even pin down or describe what she does - only that it works to restore balance and harmony in our team, get our income flowing, address blocks and 'leaks' to get us moving forward and creative a safe and successful space for us to do our work in.

Her intuition cuts through all of the overthinking that tends to come with complex issue solving, to get to the heart of the matter and identify where things can be healed and improved.  All of this is done in a very supportive, practical and down-to-earth way with absolute discretion and integrity.

I highly recommend her work and the excellent results it produces."


“After feeling the call for sometime from Brigid, when I saw this course I was immediately drawn. I was intrigued by working with essences and the course was made affordable for those with lower income. This year on this course has been deep and revealing, as well as rewarding. The energy of the essences have been strong, having a profound affect on my daily life. I also enjoyed that I could do my own self study with the exercises and video, but if I wanted to connect with others on the course we had a private space to do so on Facebook, in addition to our monthly zoom calls. I am so looking forward to deepening my connection to Brigid even further after such an empowering experience.”


ReMembering             EmPowering             TransForming


walking the wild, wise way to wholeness - embracing cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb


teachings born of fire and water - wayshowing and mentoring - rites of passage - ceremony and magick - pilgrimage - shadow work - healing practice 

Heidi Wyldewood

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