Barefoot Heartsong


Heidi Wyldewood

ReMembering               EmPowering               TransForming


embracing the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  

walking the wild, wise way


Mentoring, healing and education for women - teachings born of indigenous shamanic practice, earth magick and womb wisdom traditions

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Sister Circle Facilitator Mentoring - six part initial training and ongoing support and suggestions online.  Includes guidance for holding Red Tents, Moon Lodges, Women's Circles and Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles.  This course is ideal for any woman wishing to step up and hold space in sisterhood via groups and workshops.















What is included?

Initial teaching six part package of videos, handouts and activities to empower you to set up your own Red Tent or Women's Circle – this part is be self led for you to go at your own pace - this includes an opening and closing ritutal

Access to the Seasons and Months resources, lots of encouragement and ideas, including meditations, songs, activities and themes – this gives you a collection of ideas and inspiration for over a year’s worth of circles

An ongoing lightly mentored Facebook group in which to ask questions; receive check in and support from me; and access to live videos, additional resources, zoom calls and offers.

The Facebook group is for course students, past and present, and is a space to share ideas, as well as give and receive mutual support

The opportunity to host workshops in your area

Recommended reading list and many other resource links

An hour's worth of one to one skype session with Heidi


You will be inspired and empowered to:

Vision what your Red Tent will be like

Manage the practicals of setting up your circle

Intend, create and hold sacred space

Lead a share circle

Be inclusive and welcoming to all women

Be the glue that holds it together

Be boundaried, safe and confidential

Handle difficult topics that come up

Enhance your awareness and intuition in circle

Structure your Red Tent time

Create themes around Womb Cycles and the Female Archetypes

Create themes around Moon Phases and Seasons

Have an awareness of the main rites of passage

Have song, meditation and activity ideas for your first circle after the initial teaching modules

Use the ongoing ideas and suggestions for many, many circles and make them your own

Have the resources to generate your own ideas and educate yourself further


The continued support from the Facebook Group will give you space to:

Ask questions and share your insights

Offload personal struggles or gain education around difficult subjects or emerging topics

Debrief and get support with personal facilitation doubts that arise or challenging circle encounters

Maintain the standard, integrity and personal growth of good circle facilitation

Connect with other women starting to hold or currently holding their Red Tents, Moon Lodges and Women's Circles

Access any group mentoring videos, live updates, and zoom circles offered from Heidi


The initial teaching modules are:

  • Why, Where And How To Begin

  • What It Really Means To Hold Space

  • The Share Circle

  • It's About You Too

  • Keeping It Going

  • Celebrations, Rites and Blessings  


These teaching modules alone contain nearly forty original PDFs, videos and audios.  In addition there are many more PDFs, and links to videos and audios. For example:

  • Creating and holding the right energy in Sacred Space - Video

  • Dreaming and breathing the space - Audio

  • Becoming the knot – Audio

  • Circle Share Boundaries - PDF

  • What is your speciality? - PDF

  • Avoiding burnout - Video

  • Casting a sacred sphere using the archetypes - Video

  • Intuiting your circle theme - Audio

  • How to take part in a Worldwide Womb Blessing - PDF

  • Kindling the Inner Fire Meditation – PDF

  • April Poems and Readings - PDF

  • Metta Meditation – PDF

  • July Poems and Song - PDF

  • Activation Sounds with Mudras - PDF



Don't hesitate to contact me via email with any queries about the course, and

either via email, phone or skype I can chat to you about it.


Investment cost: Full Price £250 / Low Wage Concessions £200

Email Heidi if you wish to pay as a £100 deposit and £50 monthly payments


*** After completing the payment at check out you will be taken to the sign up

form for the course.  Please fill in your name and email address and you will

recieve details of the Faceook Group and your membership info shortly***

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"Over the many years I have known Heidi as a teacher and course facilitator, I have experienced how generously she shares her vast wisdom and experience with her students. Heidi’s depth of knowledge and passion for all aspects of women’s work is inspirational, yet also made accessible for all those she seeks to support. The confidence I now have in my ability to hold a safe, inspiring and sacred space for women and girls has been increased hugely by Heidi’s care and belief in me. She is a phenomenal teacher and guide, I feel very fortunate to have benefitted from her support."


"The Wise Women and the Circle of Sisters course was a journey of many levels. Firstly it met all my practical needs, queries and questions. Next it supported me and encouraged me through my self doubt and moments of worry that I wouldn't be enough to hold sacred spaces for the women of my community. But more unexpectedly and profoundly, this course and its beautiful guide Heidi, held space for me to dive deep into my own processes. To unpackage and put down some things I no longer need so my hands are now free to hold the space I would like to offer outward. I recommend this journey to all women who feel the call of working with women in sacred space, but also for those who wish to journey deeper into their own experience of space holding and what it might mean for them to step up."