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finding and maintaining a strong connection to spirit ~  living in harmony with the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  ~  reclaiming and honouring the sacred feminine in balance with the divine masculine  ~  using ancient myths and archetypes to reveal insights and unfold inner dramas  ~   walking the wild, wise way

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Wholistic Healing

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Moon Mother
*Goddess Series*

Colour Healing


Colour has been used down through the ages by many cultures to effect change within the body, mind and spirit. In more recent years the physiological affects of colour have been well documented. Acting as a channel and focus for universal energy or life force, (prana in Sanskrit, Ki in Japanese and Chi in Chinese) the giver can then pass on this energy as differnent rays or frequencies to each area of the clothed body through the hands. Colour healing includes a consultation and a reading of the physical, metabolic, emotional, mental and spiritual layers, and a systematic working through the whole body and organs,

bringing them back towards balance and vitality.  

A half hour chakra balancing is also available.



Womb Blessing


A personal Womb Blessing is an energy attunement rather than a therapy and is a slightly higher price of £45 for the hour.  It can be used for therapeutic reasons as well as a path of awakening and transformation.


Womb Healing is a therapy and can be used as a treatment leading up to a Womb Blessing, alongside a Womb Blessing and as part of Menstrual Mentoring.


 Please find out more on the Moon Mother page and the Mentoring page







Reflexology is a therapeutic foot or hand massage that dates as far back as Ancient Egypt and China.  It activates the body’s own healing powers via the energy zones that run from the feet up.  A compression technique is used to find and remove imbalances within the body.  


Reflexology is an excellent preventative therapy and can help the body to restore its own natural state of health and harmony.  It is deeply relaxing, boosts the immune system and improves digestive, circulatory, respiratory, muscular and nervous functions.  It is also effective with skeletal problems and pain management.  It is an ideal treatment to have throughout pregnancy after the first trimester.


Refelxology also offers excellent support to other forms of treatment or healing.  



Shamanic Work


Please enquire about specific Power Loss, Soul Loss or Cord  Cutting work.



Energy Healing


If a client asks for a general energy healing rather than specific colour or shamanic then the aura is scanned first, similar to colour healing.  Then the energies are directed in to where and however it is called for.  Information for this is gained from the consultation, intuition and guidance, giving the right treatment in that moment of time.  The healing may then be a combo of shamanic, colour, reiki, angelic or magical awakening frequencies.  

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£25 for half hour, £40 for one hour, £60 for one and half and £15 for each additional half hour.



*Five one hour reflexology treatments for £175

*Womb Blessing package 1 - three Womb Blessings for £120

*Womb Blessing package 2 - total of three and half hours  - 2 Womb Blessings, 1 Womb Healing and spiritual/menstrual advice for £130

*Menstrual Mentoring package - 4 one and half sessions - 2 Womb Blessings, 2 Womb Healings, along with menstrual mentoring for £210

*Colour Healing package 1 - 2 one hour Colour healings and 2 half hour Chakra balncing for £110

* Colour Healing package 2 - 2 one and half hour reflexology and colour healing combo sessions for £105

*Healing and Mentoring/Life Progression combo - three one and half hour sessions for £150

*Magical Awakening and Mandala reading session for £50





A full consultation is taken before any treatment is given.  Please fill out the form when making your initial booking as part of the first consutlation.  Doing this online cuts down on the the time needed for the initial consultation and your costs.  The questions are also designed to get you thinking about the state of your complete health: mind, body and spirit.  They will also help you consider what you really want and to prioritise your needs. Ongoing consultations are included as part of the treatments