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finding and maintaining a strong connection to spirit ~  living in harmony with the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  ~  reclaiming and honouring the sacred feminine in balance with the divine masculine  ~  using ancient myths and archetypes to reveal insights and unfold inner dramas  ~   walking the wild, wise way

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New Forest and Southampton

Red Tent

2016 Quarterly Gatherings


Maiden - Sunday 6th March

Mother - Sunday 5th June

Maga - Sunday 4th September

Crone - Sunday 27th November

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Red Tent Incense

is available.


Our New Forest Red Tent is a soft fabric space held near the new moon where we women of all ages, with or without a current menstrual cycle, can nurture each other, listen with our hearts, share our stories and our wisdoms. It is a place where we can empower our maidens, honour our mothers and respect our wise elders. It is the sacred space to acknowledge our rites of passage and celebrate our femininity.


Bring your tales and your truths, your smiles and your songs, your love and your laughter. Wear something red. Bring something for the altar. Feel free to do your knitting, share a meditation, do some drawing, read out some poetry, have a snooze, paint your toenails, get your face painted, offer some yummy nibbles, receive a foot rub or give a massage. It’s up to you ... the space is yours.


Even though each Red Tent will have a theme of Maiden or Mother etc it does not mean that the Red Tent is only for them, just that we as a community of women will be turning our focus to that facet of the feminine and honouring the same energy that flows through all of us.


Come add your ribbon to the red cord that represents our circle, the thread that binds us. Come take your turn with the "talking bowl" of goodies. Come and just be.

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