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finding and maintaining a strong connection to spirit ~  living in harmony with the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  ~  reclaiming and honouring the sacred feminine in balance with the divine masculine  ~  using ancient myths and archetypes to reveal insights and unfold inner dramas  ~   walking the wild, wise way

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Moon Mother
*Goddess Series*

Life Mentoring


Do you know what you want and how to get it? Do you have clear vision of your next step in life? Do you know what to do right here and right now for optimum, authenitc being?


Some times we get a little stuck.  Sometimes we need a little clarity, inspiration or a sounding board.  Sometimes we need someone to vision our dreams with us and hold us accountable.


Sometimes we need help clearing away the old so we can bring in the new.  Sometimes we need help shining a light on our

next move, an injection of positivity or a practical idea

to reach our goals.

Menstrual Mentoring


As an Advance Moon Mother trainined by Miranda Gray I can offer Menstrual Mentoring alongside Womb Blessings and Healings.  This is a poweful way to transform your life and optimise your potential.


By embodying all the facets of the feminine in a cyclical way we become whole, intuitive, creative and wise.   This form of  mentoring, alongside the healing, shifts and clears old patterns very quickly, leaving us free to move forward with our lives and actuate our chosen path.


See the Moon Mother page for more information







Skype Sessions


I'm happy to do Life and Spiritual Mentoring via Skype.  We can still do the similar braininstorming, creative, positive and intuitive sessions online.  Our time together will still be held in a sacred and safe space regardeless of the distance between us.    


Most of the techniques I use can be utilised, including any journey work, visualisation, mudra, mantra and breathwork, if they are needed as part of your time with me.


All Mentoring Sessions


All the mentoring sessions work wholistically, covering aspects of mind, body, health, emotions and spirit.  No one person can be truly whole until they live in harmony with the rhythms of life and the rhythms of their own body and nature.  Therefore all mentoring will have an undercurrent of balancing, energising and empowering the entire being regardless of the focus.


Spiritual Mentoring


Are you so connected to your spiritual core that your life unfolds naturally?  Is your mind at one with your heart so that lfe is a path of total focus and joy?


Sometimes we need help to reconnect or to maintain that strong connection to spirit.


Sometimes we need practical ways to live with our spiritual chosen path interwoven with our daily lives.


Sometimes we wish for an ally and guide in unravelling the deeper matters of soul and heart.


Sometimes we just need someone to show us just how to be peaceful and mindful of the really important stuff.

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£25 for half hour, £40 for one hour, £60 for one and half and £15 for each additional half hour.


What you can expect


Having explored female empowerment and psychology for many years, combined with yoga and shamanic training and the tools of different healing modalities your mentoring session from me will always have a practical self help side.  To create change you have to be the change.  You will go away from each session with a clear idea of a few practical things to help you move forward.  You will have someone else holding the space for you to achieve those things.  You will have someone else holding the vision of that which you wish to become, whilst totally accepting all that you are right now.




*Five one hour skype sessions for £150

*Menstrual Mentoring package - 4 one and half hours sessions - 2 Womb Blessings, 2 Womb Healings, with menstrual mentoring for £210

*Healing and Mentoring/Life Progression combo - three one and half hour sessions for £150




A full consultation is taken before any mentoring is given.  Please fill out the form when making your initial booking as part of the first consultation.  Doing this online cuts down on the the time needed for the initial consultation and your costs.  The questions are also designed to get you thinking about the state of your complete health and to clarify your aims for mentoring sessions.  They will also help you consider what you really want, not only from life in general, but right here, right now, and to prioritise your needs.