Barefoot Heartsong


Heidi Wyldewood

ReMembering               EmPowering               TransForming


embracing the cycles of earth, sun, moon and womb  

walking the wild, wise way


Mentoring, healing and education for women - teachings born of indigenous shamanic practice, earth magick and womb wisdom traditions

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Praise and Testimony


"Heidi is a beautiful soul with so much wisdom and insights to share!"


"In a world of pseudo-gurus Heidi is the real thing - down to earth, honest, human and caring. Highly recommend working with her and attending her wonderful events!"


"I have flown across the world to spend time with Heidi and benefit from her wisdom and skills"


"A very powerful workshop, I would highly recommend it"


"the moon lodge this evening was such a blessing"


"life changing"


"Heidi has worked with me both on my own personal journey and with my nonprofit business.

She has a unique ability to tap into hidden causes for problems, almost instantly, and the work she has done with us has had a positive effect - usually very swiftly, too!

It is hard to even pin down or describe what she does - only that it works to restore balance and harmony in our team, get our income flowing, address blocks and 'leaks' to get us moving forward and creative a safe and successful space for us to do our work in.

Her intuition cuts through all of the overthinking that tends to come with complex issue solving, to get to the heart of the matter and identify where things can be healed and improved.  All of this is done in a very supportive, practical and down-to-earth way with absolute discretion and integrity.

I highly recommend her work and the excellent results it produces."






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